OB Appointment!

Well, I had my 15 week OB appointment today and it went great!

Keaton got fussy in the waiting room because there weren't enough people (ie: women) for him to talk to (ie: flirt with!) I got to see my favorite nurse and she was so glad to see us back and so excited to see Keaton (she last saw him at 6 weeks old!)

We had to wait a bit to see the OB, she isn't my favorite for a number of reasons, so I was just glad to get this visit over with. When she was using the Doppler to listen to the heartbeat, Keaton thought it was the best thing ever! He just sat there staring with his jaw dropped and then started laughing!

She wanted me to come back in 5 weeks (I'll be 20 weeks) for a regular appointment and she's going to have someone call me to set up my "big" ultrasound to check and make sure all is well and, of course, find out what we're having. The appointment will be sometime in the next 2-3 weeks!!!! I can't believe it!!!!

On the Keaton side:
*He is walking up a storm! He tries to run, but still ends up in a tangled mess, which is all too funny!
*He has started responding to signs (he doesn't sign any) but when I sign & say eat, he gets VERY excited :) And when I sign/say "finished?" at the end of the meal and sign for him to give me his cup, if he's done (I'm assuming, haha) he will hand it to me w/o a fuss. If he isn't (again, assuming here!) he will keep drinking out of his cup.
*He has started staking blocks (only to knock them down seconds later! haha)
*He's doing great doing strictly formula and no more mama's milk...I'm still sad over it...
*Cloth is going great as well! i think we've decided which to purchase and hopefully we'll be doing that soon because I don't want to have to do laundry every day - I don't feel like I'm being very "Green" or saving us any money that way!
*He's eating basically everything we eat now...he's still getting baby food, but, he gets tastes of what we're eating...his new favorite is spaghetti! :)

I don't know what else is new... but it's dinner time here!

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