A very hard decision...

I know...you're thinking, "Sheesh...two posts in one day, get a life!!"

But, this is about Keaton and so it belongs here. We made a super, hard decision today to stop nursing Keaton. Up until about a week ago, it had been a truly enjoyable experience. But as of late, he'd just rather chomp and bite than actually nurse. This has become NOT so enjoyable. As it is, I was only nursing him a couple of times a day anyways and supplementing other feedings with formula. But, that ended tonight.

It was so hard, but, I have to remind myself, that in 6 months, I get to do this all over again! Doesn't help ease the sadness of this "phase" being over. ((we'll see if I cave tomorrow, haha!))

I wish I could explain to him why we're stopping. But, all efforts at stopping the biting have failed. He only thinks flicks on the nose are funny and ending the nursing session isn't, but as soon as it's time to eat again, bite, bite bite....

I really wanted to make it to a year (He'll be 11 months in less than 2 weeks), but, my body is doing a LOT right now (ie: creating a LIFE! haha) and I think any "break" that I can give myself is for the best. I know that I did what was best for this lil man for as long as I could.

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