The Continuing Saga of Zoe (The Car)

So, after Zach figured out the light bulb issue Saturday afternoon we thought for sure that the car issues were done.

Sunday morning, we got Keaton in the car ready to go, I go to start the car. Nothing. No lights on the dash. No clicking sound. Nothing. I look at Zach and he's baffled! Then I realized, after putting my keys in the ignition, I couldn't get them out (I knew I wasn't THAT stupid that I couldn't figure it out. Zach couldn't either!)

He said to pop the trunk and he'd get the jumper cables and try jumping it. I couldn't pop the trunk!! I popped the hood, but the trunk wouldn't open!

Right then, a neighbor walked out and let us borrow his cables and my car immediately started...

Then I saw what happened. (Zach! haha!) When I looked down, I saw the lights on. When Zach was checking the brake light, he had turned the lights on to make sure they worked too, and they didn't get turned off...

Luckily, that too, was a cheap and easy fix. :)

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