And it hits...((A lot of disgusting, flu related information!))

Well...Zach's been saying all week that guys have been missing work because of the stomach flu that is going around.

Thursday night at small group, I started to not feel so great, but it really felt pregnancy-related so I just ignored it.

We get home and I can't move without the thought of getting sick...

We get Keaton ready for bed and settled and then it begins. I'll spare ALL the details, but next thing we know, it's midnight, and Zach and I have been taking turns in the bathroom all night. It was honestly, simply amazing how quickly it came on!

At midnight, Keaton woke up while I was in the bathroom and Zach went in to find that he had gotten sick all over his crib.

I took him down stairs and called the on call dr. and he gave me a TON of information (too much information for my exhausted brain to handle at 1:30am!)

I eventually had to go "back upstairs" and Zach took Keaton and then it was his turn. I was so exhausted that I couldn't sit up anymore. I laid Keaton in bed with us, risking the chance of him getting sick all over our bed and we all dozed off and on until about 7am.

Keaton was ready for the day at that point.

He has not been running a fever and he hasn't thrown up since early this morning....but we've had some very...interesting...diapers all afternoon.

I called my OB and my lactation consultant for advice and when I thought I was done with the nurse line for the day, Keaton develops a rash on his arms.

I called his pedi's office and asked about it, not sure if it was related or not. And the nurse said it wasn't but gave me tips for that.

Keaton was ready for bed at his normal time...and It's 733pm now and I'm about to head to bed myself.

Pray this bug leaves our house quickly!! It's so awful. I especially feel bad for Keaton because he can't tell me what hurts and what he wants...on the up side - my baby who never sits still for more than 3 seconds while the sun is up, has snuggled with me almost all day :)

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awhitaker said...

I'm so sorry! Hope all of you feel better very quickly!