And it continues....

So, we wake up for the day...I go in to get Keaton, he is burning up!! I grab him and undo his PJs to take his temperature. When I undo his PJs, I notice his entire chest and belly are covered in a rash!

So after discovering his temperature was 102.8, I called the pedi (AGAIN) and asked when I could come in. The earliest was 10am. By the time I made the appointment, Keaton was back asleep ((I was going to take a picture of the rash in case it was gone by the time we got to the dr.))

By 10, of course, it was gone and his temp was down to 100.1. The NP we saw said it was *most likely* the way his little body was "finishing up" the flu bug that we all had. She said there were a couple of blood tests they could do to make sure. I demanded we hold off on those!

So, we're going to wait it out over the next 48 hours. Monitor his temp at every diaper change (he already loves having his diaper changed as it is **Sarcasm!** so this will make it even MORE fun!) and alternate between Tylenol and Motrin and just pack him full of fluids.

She gave me the signs to watch out for/when to call/when to come back...and now we just wait...

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