Girly for an afternoon!

NO - NOT Keaton!!! haha :)

Saturday afternoon, we had an "afternoon tea" for a sweet friend of ours (ours being some girls from church) who is moving soon. We went to the Washington Duke Inn & Golf Club in Durham. I was a little skeptical of this "afternoon tea"...but when I was able to make my switch to lemonade and I saw all the yummy treats for us, I knew fun was in store ;-)

About 8 of us gathered around 2pm (in the midst of a Duke home basketball game, a home lacrosse game AND a golf tournament...ie: NO parking!) and the fun began. Whitney "had" to wear a tiara because she was the Queen for the day :) Everyone thought it was her birthday and she got very tired of explaining :)

But, basically, they bring out the tea (lemonade!) of your choice and then bring out a 3-tiered stand (it had a fancy "e" name...but, I'm not classy enough to remember it!) and it was covered from top to bottom with little sandwiches and chocolates. It was SO yummy. I remember looking at it thinking, "I'm SO stopping at Burger King on the way home! I'll be starving!!!" By tray #2, I was so thankful for stretchy maternity pants!!! I was stuffed, but wasn't ABOUT to stop eating!

After the last plate FILLED with desserts, they brought out fresh scones! With 3 different spreads, of which I learned that "Devonshire cream" is apparently very fancy butter (I probably made someone roll over in their grave when I mixed it with the strawberry jelly, but, it was still yummy!)

In all, it was a very fun afternoon! And very nice to be baby-free for about 5 hours (especially after the sick week we had!!!)

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awhitaker said...

It doesn't surprise me at all that you were "skeptical" about "tea"! I'm glad you had a good time and got a little break for the afternoon!