Well, I had my 'surgery' on my toe today (not sure why I decided to "quote" that...it was definitely surgery...)

If you'd really like to read what happened (ie: NOT for the faint of heart!), go here. Zach wrote it all in detail because he actually watched the whole thing go down!!!!

I, on the other hand, felt my toe get cold, felt a needle go in my toe...one time (if you read the story, you'll learn it was WAY more than one time ....one too many times for this needle fearing girl!)....sat back while my toe got numb...about got knocked out from the dingy nurse not knowing how to work 'the screen' (so I couldn't see), about crushed Zach's hand from fear of what was happening on the other side of the screen, talked with the podiatrist about my VBAC and how his wife was considering one, took a peek at an extremely bloody toe and drank a cup of water to keep from passing out.

We ate at Taco Bell for lunch....Zach drove me home (we had a sitter for the boys) and I found a friend to come help me with the boys - who knew I wouldn't be able to walk or carry them?!?

Zach's parents arrived around 4pm and helped me until Zach got home and Keaton got in bed...

I cried in the shower because water was touching my toe - which was wrapped in a 1/2inch of gauze and tape....I cried taking it off because I thought the vinegar water that I was required to soak my foot in was going to burn me...All this drama...and I gave birth naturally without crying...sheesh

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Heather said...

i was just going to say was it worse than your vbac? im not sure i want to read the details...but i know i will! hope it heals fast mama!

Terra Jones said...

No - I'd totally do labor/delivery all over again...I get a baby from there, lol

Angela said...

Bless your heart.

Mrs4444 said...

Poor thing. I had a similar experience during a bunionectomy; woke up to wonder about the sound of an electric saw being used on someone. That someone was ME! YIKES.
Anyway, I'm just stopping through on my way to my sixth blog in someone's "6 Degrees of Separation" Experiment. Hello!