Big Boy!

And, for once, I'm not talking about B! haha! K napped in his big boy bed today!

My mom had mentioned she wanted to help us get K a big boy bed and all for his 2nd birthday - unfortunately monkey wouldn't wait that long! We searched and talked...and talked and searched....a twin bed? A full bed? Frame? Mattress on the floor? bunk beds? What to do??

A friend mentioned IKEA's expandable bed line...I was instantly. in. love!!!

I can never find IKEA products on Craigslist but, immediately found this bed! (And for much cheaper! She listed it for $75, but ended up asking only $50!!)

He still doesn't have sheets for it - the ones on IKEA's site are pretty blah. So I think I'm going to make a 'pillowcase' for the funny sized mattress.

So, we set it up on Saturday night and left the boys with my mom for our date night (yummmmmy Kanki!) and then Sunday night, it just didn't happen. We also left his crib up for two reasons - 1) we didn't have time to take it down, haha, and 2) in case he just refused to sleep.

I tried to get him to nap in it on Monday, and he freaked out. Monday night was the same.

Tuesday he laid in his bed for about 1 minute and freaked out again. Tuesday night, he laid in there for 5 minutes and came out crying for his "cib" (crib).

I tried again today, asking where he'd like to take his nap - bed or crib. He looked back and forth and practically flew into his bed! I wasn't sure it would last, but! It did! It only lasted an hour (and I'd FINALLY got him taking 2.5-3hr naps again) but, that's OK...He slept in his bed!

We also have a rule that he must ask permission before getting out of the bed (we kind of did it jokingly because all our friends say their kids wait for them...we did NOT see him doing this!) But sure enough, I heard "Mom? Mama? Done.....done...."

I was SO proud of him!

In other news, my room mate from college (#1) had her precious baby boy on Thursday! I'm awaiting word on one of my bestest friends...I got 'the call' at 7am that they were hospital bound this morning!! Shanna, who was my doula, is going to be her doula as well! Whitney is having a surprise...and for the record - I think it's a boy ;) But I want it to be a girl so I can do a fun hot pink and spring green wrap for her! haha!

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Phronsie said...

LOL, yeah, Xavi never has waited for us... He gets out of bed and bangs his head on the door till we come get him.