12 month appointment

We got THAT over with. First they had to prick his precious little finger to test for lead and his iron. When Dr. Dirk came in, Keaton was running every where. Dr. Dirk just laughed and said, "Poor mama!" (Aaaaamen!) He asked about the pregnancy and was all excited that we are having another boy. He deemed Keaton perfect, was very excited about his weight gain (I was hoping for more, but, he gained - the only important matter at this point!) We also learned why nothing fits Keaton anymore...

Drum roll please...

Head circumfrence: 45cm (75+%)
Weight: 19lbs. 13oz. (25%)
Height: 31.25 inches! (90+%)

2 weeks ago he was 29.5 inches!!! haha!! I love it :)

After all that he got 2 out of 3 vaccines - we decided to delay the MMR until next visit (at 15 months). I thought for certain Dr. Dirk would be cool with it, but I had to fight him a bit. But I got what I wanted, haha!! :)

Here's a video of Keaton walking at the park yesterday:

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gone2destars said...

Sounds Like Keaton is doing Wonderful! :)

AprilSnaps said...

ok I commented with wrong blog Terra.Sorry about that.Maybe you can delete it?
Glad to hear Keaton is doing well

Phronsie said...

YAY!! He's so cute when he's walking! He can squat and pick up stuff too, soo cool!

Xavi does that too, he learned to squat before walk, LOL! I thought babies were pretty shaky with picking up stuff when they walk 'cos there was a little girl at the library story time who was older than a year (I'm sure) but couldn't pick stuff up w/o sitting down. I dunno! But he looks so stinkin' cute!!