Yesterday morning we had a bunch of errands to run. We stopped at Babies R Us first and managed to not spend that much money considering! (We touched everything in the store I think!)

Our next stop was at Tiger Direct (a "nerdy" store) :) But they did have D-SLR's that I wanted to look at since we'll be using our Christmas money to buy a NICE digital camera. So we were checking out (background info: I have this "rubber band" on my key chain, it's blue and says, "I 'heart' my baby!" kind of like the cancer bracelets and whatnot...I just hate having something on my wrist so it goes there. Keaton LOVES chewing on it - it allowed me to shop for over an hour in Old Navy the other day. He (screamed) and sat and chewed) So, he's chewing on it, getting drool all over me, my keys, and the counter. The cashier, a young naive girl, said, "He's teething! How cute!!!!!!" I wanted to look at her and be like, "really? Have you ever been around a TEETHING baby?! It's ANYthing but cute! Come to our house - you won't last 5 minutes!"

We walked out and all I could say was, "Seriously? Teething and cute don't go in the same sentence..."

Speaking of screaming babies....Keaton was 'kicked out' of the nursery today! ;-) Zach dropped him off and said to me, "You may want to go check on him in a few, he was screaming LOUD!" Whenever we drop him off, he's as happy as a clam! After worship, I went to go check on him and Stephanie, the Children's director had him in the hall and said, "Just the mom I was coming to get!" Poor guy, could barely catch his breath he was screaming so hard. I walked around with him for a few, and then realized they probably didn't give him a bottle. We went back in his room (which caused another bout of screaming) and grabbed his bag, sure enough - that was SURELY the reason why. So, he took half the bottle in the sanctuary and then just wanted to run. Zach took him to the lobby and I could hear Keaton-squeals every few minutes.

Alas! :) He'll get it figured out one day! :)

We're also asking for prayer for our family as we continue our house search. I've been looking for a house since the day we moved into this apartment, but with Benjamin on the way, we really need more room. This area of NC is beautiful but I would never choose to live here because of house prices! It's ridiculous. A dear friend of ours from church/small group is a real estate agent and has been helping us look. This afternoon, we have plans to go check out a couple of houses on the other side of Raleigh and in Garner. We wanted to wait until Zach had a ministry position in place, BUT in a couple of weeks, we'll have to re-sign our lease for this apartment ... and we do NOT want to do that! So pray that this would be a fruitful trip today (and that Keaton won't scream the whole way there and back!) and if not today, soon, we'll find the house that is just perfect for our needs at this point in time!

Keaton's napping - I'm going to rest and wait for the storms :-D

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ronandwhit said...

So, how did house hunting go? I miss you!