Too tired to write too much...

We turned Keaton's car seat today. I wanted to wait a couple more months ("they" say 1 year & 20 lbs., but babies necks still aren't completely strong enough to handle a full-on impact collision facing forward.) However, we go to the beach next week. Zach has been patient (well, maybe not entirely!) and traveled twice to the beach already, all scrunched up with a car seat behind him. We are van shopping, but have not found one yet (well, I fell in LOVE w/ the Kia I drove last weekend, haha!) so, we flipped Keaton around today. Can you imagine - your whole life (literally) you're in a car backwards and then suddenly, a whole new perspective on things! He was hysterical (as always!) to watch. He was completely enthralled with all the new sights! He kept laughing and clapping and squealing :)

We treated ourselves to dessert at Steak & Shake tonight and we came home and he fell right to sleep. He was so worn out from all his observing!

This tired mama is off to bed (yes, at 820pm!) too long of a week!

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