Keaton's 1st Birthday (party!)

He doesn't turn 1 until Tuesday, but we had his party today! I was so worried about the weather - but it ended up being "perfect" (ie: No storms and the rain (heavy rain) held off until the end! - Thank you to all those who prayed for a great day!!)

We had about 20 show up to celebrate Keaton's 1st birthday and we had a ton of fun just hanging out, eating and talking - because that's what we all do best :)

We had hamburgers and hot dogs and had everyone bring a side - if you need any potato chips, please come see us, haha! Then of course - the cake! Keaton wasn't too sure what to think of his very own cake - he kept looking at me with this look that said, "I get to eat ALL of this?!" haha :) And then he proceeded to do just that :)

We learned a lot from our 1st birthday party and will be even more prepared in 16 months when it's Benjamin's 1st birthday! haha!

My biggest concern (other than the weather) was the sugar rush from the cake - Thankfully, it didn't really seem to affect Keaton - he was running around so much at the park, I think it quickly left his system :)

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ronandwhit said...

We can tell that Keaton LOVED his cake! So cute. They made me smile :).

Jenny Monier said...

Happy Birthday little man!!
Love the pictures:)
Hope I can snap some soon!!

erin blakley said...

ADORABLE!! I'm so glad everything went so well. Can't believe you'll have 2 soon! Since we don't have kids yet, maybe I'll let Justin have his own cake this year for his birthday...and let him eat it with his hands! He'd be happy and I don't even think I'd need to get him anymore gifts!!