As one of the nursery workers at church said, Keaton could play peek-a-boo all day. He loves to walk around with a blanket over his head until we say, "Where'd Keaton go? I can't find him!" and then he pulls it off and says, "Ah-Boo!!!" and busts out laughing!

We're not 100% sure where the "Ah" part came from, I guess it's his own spin on the phrase :)

He's also starting to shake his head "yes" (while signing 'yes') and "no" when I ask him certain things...and sometimes just if he feels like it ;-)

It's amazing everyday to watch him, understand and learn so much.

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AprilSnaps said...

I love hearing about how well Keaton is doing!
That is so cute about peek a boo my 2yr old kassidy did the same thing still does and says a boo!