Heading out...

To the beach!

And it's been an ordeal & a half to get ready this time. Keaton is dealing with major seperation anxiety, so if I even walk in the kitchen to get something, the world ends! So I have to wait for him to take one of his crummy, short naps and try to get packed (all the while, walking around on our squeaky, upstairs floor which wakes him with every step) while he "naps" - needless to say, I've been packing since Sunday (just for Keaton and myself, Zach was on his own this trip!) and I'm STILL not done!

I really just want to put my feet up and sleep while he naps, maybe next week!

What I'm looking forward to at the beach (other than seeing family) ;-)
1. Floating, weightless in the pool to relieve my sciatic nerve pain (and all my other aches and pains!)
2. Eating at McAlister's!!!!!!!! this was one of my favorite places to eat in college and I thought it was a Middle TN thing. When we were at the beach in Oct., as we were LEAVING, I saw a McAlisters and I've been craving it since then! (However I learned last week, there's one in Raleigh...who knew! haha)
3. Possibly eating at a Japanese steakhouse. Another craving of mine! I hope we can take Keaton as I look forward to his reaction to the "show"!
4. The possibility of eating some fresh flounder (why is 3/4 of this list dealing with eating??)
5. As a dear friend, Hollie, suggested, having Zach dig me a "belly hole" so I can lay on my tummy in the sand for a bit!
6. Shopping. Hey, I am a girl ;-) We have a specific list of things to buy at the outlet, but it's still fun to look :)

We leave around 430pm today and we'll be back Sunday at some point.

Pray for my sanity as I strive to get done with packing ;-)

3 people have shared!:

Jenny Monier said...

I wish you well with packing today. Hang in there!
Have a great trip, too. Which beach?

erin blakley said...

yes...I laughed out loud at the "belly hole"..hilarious. I hope you have a wonderful time at the beach!

Phronsie said...

LOL! They deal with food 'cos you're pregnant, I guess! Have fun!