It finally happened...

No longer will we walk into a restaurant, store (or car dealership!) and have someone comment on what a beautiful girl Keaton is...dressed in all blue and basketballs...

We finally got his hair cut today. He did SO well! I wasn't too sure a couple of times, but, the hairdresser (?) was great and we will definitely be going back to see her! He got to watch Veggie Tales (though I watched and sang more than he did!) and drive a tractor while Deborah cut his hair!

They gave us (for $1.00, haha) a "First Cut" certificate and a little baggie for his hair.

After I loaded the pictures onto the laptop, realized that I didn't take any "good" ones since the cut, but have no fear - there will be many, many pictures to follow!

Also, Jenny has been so kind to give us a sneak peek at some of the pictures she took on Friday afternoon! You can go here: http://moniermontage.blogspot.com/2008/04/poster-child-for-cuteness.html to see them

Here are the pictures from the hair cut:

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Phronsie said...

LOL! I love the last one! He's like "What happened?!"

Jenny Monier said...

I, too, like the last one- the look on his sweet little face is priceless:)