Popsicle and Appt.

Yesterday, I could tell Keaton's gums were hurting pretty badly, so I decided a popsicle was in order! Who doesn't love an ice cold, banana popsicle?! Well, Keaton had NO idea what to do with it at first - finally, good "What in the world is this?!" faces (over something SO amazing! haha) Sit back and enjoy (like he finally did!) :)

Well, this looks fun....




He finally got around to enjoying it - he did end up eating it all :)

I also had my 20 week appt today - That's right! I'm half-way there!!! Everything went great and I scheduled my glucose tolerance test (yummy sunkist drink!!! I've been waiting ...a long time for that drink again!!) I unfortunately will be making this trek without Zach (which is bad because of th whole needle...drawing lots of blood...me passing out issue...) Hopefully nothing too serious will happen!!

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ronandwhit said...

Those pictures are great! It made me want a popsicle. I miss you guys!

Jenny Monier said...

Looks like he truly enjoyed that treat. Way to go, mom!