Shoes outdoors with BeBe!

We took Keaton outdoors with his shoes for the first time. He absolutely LOVED it - however, he refused to step on the grass - unless he was stomping it with BeBe :) I got to sit back in our neighbors' rocking chair and enjoy the cuteness!

Today (Saturday) is Keaton's party! We're praying hard because it's supposed to storm and rain - of course! We're having a BBQ at a nearby park with about 20 people expecting to come (give or take some!) Hopefully the weather will hold off until 230! And don't worry - whatever we end up doing - there will be LOTS of pictures.

Fun w/ Bebe!

The tough part - coming up the sidewalk!

Stomping the mean, old grass with Bebe!

My mom and my red-headed love!

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