Pictures as Promised

Well, not as many got taken as I would have liked...

(these are from yesterday and today)

The camera has red-eye correction and basically, has an orange light that comes on before taking the picture - I lost count how many times Keaton has made this face upon seeing the orange light. It's just too funny!

My boys! :)

One of Keaton's new favorite things to do is put his sippy inside a real cup and THEN drink out of it.

Nicolle and Keaton (aka: Squirmy Worm) at the baptisms this afternoon

Keaton & Josiah Grubb - Keaton really enjoyed hanging all over their stroller...funny, he won't sit for 5 minutes in his own! ;-)

My busy, busy boy - even the "Kids & Pets" setting can't keep up with him!

Playing with a lobster :)

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