We are MOVING & a Keaton update

It's official! I wanted to wait until we got the final, official word. But we are moving!

It's not to a house, but we found an apartment near here at a fabulous deal. It's 3 beds/2 baths and a little over 1200sq.ft. Not a lot, but huge coming from our 850sq.ft. 1.5bed/1 bath apt we're in now! :)

It's ground level (what we wanted so I don't have to drag 2 under 2 up the stairs!) And it's actually the "handicap" apartment (which just means bigger bathroom, haha!) :)

We will be getting the key Friday and the official move is on Saturday! It will be SO nice to leave this apartment behind...2.5 years in the making!

Keaton and Benjamin will each have their own room (until Benjamin gets a little bit older, then they'll share) :)

So this will be a busy, busy week as I attempt to pack up the rest of the apartment while chasing Keaton.

Speaking of, Keaton is doing a little better. He's still VERY congested. We're skipping church today (the entire church doesn't need pneumonia!) and hopefully keeping him on a "regular" schedule (which will help greatly this week, Sunday's always screw him up for a day or two!)

Zach's parents are in town and Keaton has had SO much fun playing with them!

I'll post pictures of them later, and hopefully mine and Susan's weekend project! :-D

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ronandwhit said...

Yea!!! Hopefully no more loud neighbors :).

I feel a little crazy at the moment. Didn't you already post that you are moving? I can't find the post, but I remember reading about where it was and asking Ron if he knew where in Wakefield it was located.

Miss you!

Phronsie said...

LOL! That apartment is bigger than my parent's house! Their 3 bd/1 bath house is only 1,008 sq ft!