What's New With Keaton

Lately, it's been all about our move and just keeping Keaton happy and trying to get him to nap when we can.

We finally got back to a normal schedule yesterday and I think he made up for lost time. He took a 90 minute nap in the morning and then a little over 2 hours in the afternoon. I was SO thankful for both those naps. I think he definitely wears himself out more here (definitely so with his "run way" (ie: the hall!)) He just loves to run up and down and up and down! :)

He's mastering the "E" sounding words:
Fish ("feesh" for Goldfish)
Please ("peese" for please)
Sippy ("Seep" haha - we're torn if it's "Seep" or "deenk" (drink) however, both refer to his sippy/a liquid, so that's what he gets)
Cheese ("Cheese" - woohoo!)
Keys ("Keys" - again, woohoo!)
Tree ("Tee")
See ("See" - yay!)

Some extras we're working on: Cat/Kitty, depending on what he says, usually kitty; Light ("Lie" while he points to a light), dog (on occasion), "Wow!" "Hey" "Hi" (those last two I hear...all...day...long...)

Continuing with yes, no, bye (when he feels like saying it), mama, dada, ...did I say no? haha,

He's finally more interested in looking at a book than eating it and prefers to hear the same book over...and over...and over...and over.

He's mastered running now that he has room to do so, still not very graceful at it, but he's a boy and probably never will be ;-)

He eats just about anything I stick infront of him (excecpt peas, ugh, who could blame him for that) however, we have noticed when eating out, he prefers Burger King nuggets over McDonalds and especially over Wendy's. Not sure whaat the difference is, but I surely don't blame him! :)

He has my love for shoes. At our old apt. we had them lined up along the stairs to keep them out of the way. Here, we don't really have a system yet, so they're...everywhere and he just carries them around all day :)

However, with all these exciting changes, temper tantrums have come full force. He DEFINITELY got both mine & Zach's independence and wants to exert that at all times! I have to remind myself not to give in to them (on long, stressful days it's the hardest) and remember to "shepherd" him in the right direction. I've always tried after disciplining him, picking him up and kissing/hugging him and telling him I love him. And now it's funny because I'll smack his hand or leg, tell him no and why he shouldn't do something, he'll pitch a little fit and then lift his arms for me to pick him up :)

And I saved the best for last. He LOVES giving kisses! This is by far one of my most favorite things. He'll be sitting on my lap and he'll give me a big hug and then grab my face and slobber on me (ie: kiss me) It's wonderful and he thinks it's absolutely hysterical!

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