Morning #2 & #7


Well, Keaton went to bed with his big bum and cloth last night...he woke up dry!!!! This is our answer! :) It's SO nice not to have to figure out how to get that crib mattress up every morning and get it back in place (it was a LOT easier without a big ol belly!)

#7? You ask...tooth #7...but it's not one of his front bottom ones like we expected! Keaton was acting like he was chewing on something yesterday and I did a finger sweep and something sharp caught my finger...he's getting a flipping molar! NO WONDER he has been a bear the past couple of days. We were watching the front bottoms because they've been swollen and white since before his top teeth. Now he's ready for steak!!! ;-)

Pray for us today. We are going to look at a home in Wendell, NC (about 30 minutes from where we live now). It's a foreclosure, so there is no telling what condition it is in. But from the "front of house" picture on the website, it is SUPER cute!

We're continuing to pack boxes, as a friend said - "Optimistic packing" :)

And finally, we have started a cloth diaper registry for Benjamin. You can find it here: http://www.felicite.com/T/?JonesFamily

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