Not much to report

I think all I've done all week...is pack! It's simply amazing all the junk Zach and I have. And I mean it when I say "junk." I knew that we were pack rats, but wow...

When we moved here 2.5 years ago, in prepping for the move, we had a yard sale (and did quite well, I might add!) and took TRUCKloads to Goodwill and yet still moved here, filled up the apartment and a storage unit. Having a baby (and preparing for another) has only brought in more items into our house.

For me, it's SO nice to throw out things - it's a feeling of accomplishment. However, it's hard choosing what to throw out...ah, the trials of being a pack rat!

Keaton's pneumonia is doing better. He's still coughing, but it's a "moving" cough (a gross, but good thing!) and we're both sneezing from all the dust that's getting moved around while packing!

Bebe will be in town very soon (about 3 hours!) and helping us (me!) this weekend!

Zach & I sign the paperwork for the apartment this afternoon. Tomorrow, I go over and do the walk through with the manager there and then, get the keys and then we can start moving in!!! I want to go ahead and get kitchen stuff over there, food & drinks in the fridge for the move on Saturday.

Well, back to packing, the break is over!

And if you're in the Raleigh area reading this...feel free to come help us this weekend!!! ;-)

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