The apartment

This link (below) *should* take you to my Facebook album with the pictures of our new apartment - Before stuff got moved in and the beginnings of it coming together. As we get rooms organized and finalized (haha - anyone who knows me knows it'll NEVER be finalized! There's always tweaking to be done!) I'll post those on here :)


I think Keaton broke another tooth today - that makes 11 - and explains the crankiness all weekend! He wouldn't let me feel, that's why I say, "I think" ...

Tomorrow, we finish clearing/cleaning out our old apartmnt and then we are DONE with McDowell/Seminary housing!!! Woohoo!

I got a lot organized in the kitchen today.

Our bathroom is super pretty :) My mom re-did it for us! She used her HGTV skills that she has learned and we ended up with a tealish shower curtain and towels to match, and then a brown rug, brown towels and a silver ...stand thingy w/ canvas brown totes on it! It looks AWESOME!

Slowly but surely, it's all coming along :)

Thursday we can focus on finally hanging up some curtains (and hopefully getting Keaton to sleep past sunrise!)

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erin blakley said...

I am SO happy for you guys and that you found a place. I know you must be worn out! What a blessing to be in a new place for boy #2! You've been learning a lot of patience, huh? A wonderful home will come in God's timing!