The newest adventure

For about 6 weeks or so, Keaton has been leaking out his diaper at night (this was NEVER a problem until recently - there'd be the occasional accident, but not a nightly thing) So, we decided to give cloth a try at night. I was/am very nervous about this adventure. Keaton is a super soaker to say the least! He can fill up a diaper like no other!

My friend, Hollie, suggested using pre-folds with a cover and even gave me two pre-folds to get started. She gave me some suggestions and warned that he would have a huge bum at bedtime (this DEFINITELY called for pictures!) So, we took one of his BumGenius diapers and stuffed it with a pre-fold (this will NOT be our final option, we just needed something immediate. If it works, we'll be getting some Bummis Super Whisper Wraps...say that 5 times fast!) and then with a tri-fold hemp insert from our Pocket Change diapers. So 6 layers...and we actually folded the pre-fold a bit in the front (to make it fit inside the BumGenius diaper) so ...in the front he's got...9 layers to get through!!!

Normally, bed time is a calming time, NOT picture time! ;-) However, big bum calls for pictures, haha!

What are they doing to me now?


HAHA! We did NOT tell him to do this! He posed all on his own!

My guys :)

I like big butts... ;-)

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