"No Title"

...I'm too hot to even think up a title! ;-)

It's hit atleast 100 degrees the past two days and we're expecting atleast one more day of it before it "cools down" to 98, haha!

Bebe didn't get to come b/c her A/C died and she was afraid if she didn't stay at home, she'd return to two fried kitties ;-) So she's hoping to come down soon!

Keaton's been doing AMAZING on his sleeping lately. I don't know WHAT has gotten into my child, but I LOVE it! He's been a 630/7pm - 6/630am sleeper for the longest time. Saturday morning...I woke up at 715am...no crying...I fell back asleep (He occasionally sleeps past 7, but very rare) 750, I woke up again and heard him coughing (he's dealing with some bad allergies or something). I fell back asleep...830, I woke up and was STARVING and really had to go to the bathroom. Our wonderfully, creaky floor woke him up at 840!!! I think he might have slept a bit longer. It was a wonderful Saturday morning! This morning, he woke up at 750 (due to me and the bathroom floor again...oh I can't wait to move!) Church screwed up his nap schedule, but he still took 2, roughly 1 hour naps.

We're still searching for a place to live. We're hopefully going to be looking at some apartments near here. We'd really like a place for Keaton to be able to get out and run, however, we just need to get out of this current living arrangement...ASAP. We'll hopefully be touring said places tomorrow when Zach gets off work.

Tonight's plans: All New Episodes of Law & Order: Criminal Intent!!! FINALLY!!!! :)

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