It really happened!

We moved!!! We are surrounded by mountains of boxes, but we got here! It was a very busy, very long day.

Thank you to everyone who helped us out! - Mark, my mom, Greg & Nicolle, Merl, Kelly & Dennis & family! Matt & Daisy, Nathaniel, Trent, Jen, Matthew, David, Owen...I know I'm forgetting someone in there!

The move itself went surprisingly quick. We had the truck at our apt. around 9am, lunch around 1130ish and then had everything unloaded from the storage unit (and our beautiful fridge to David's house) and the truck dropped off by 5pm!

Keaton wasn't too sure about sleeping in his new room and pitched a fit for a good long time, but eventually fell asleep and slept as great as he normally does!

I had to make about 8 lists to slow my mind down from the day.

Some things we learned:
*Make sure to pack a suit case/box of stuff you need IMMEDIATELY (ie: clothes for ALL family members, dishes - whether paper/plastic or "real", food, silverware, etc...)! This was on my "to-do" list, but it never happened and well...it was a rough evening, haha!
*Handicap showers are a pain! As you may recall, we are renting the "handicap unit" (just b/c that was their last unit available) This morning, my relaxing morning shower turned into chaos as I realized our "roll in shower" was flooding our bathroom!! We had to use all our towels to mop it up...then I washed them...I can't dry them because we don't have the right plug adapter for the dryer yet! haha!
*THROW STUFF AWAY!!!! I'm loving this part of the move the most. I catch Zach when he's super busy (I think of the two of us, he's more of the pack rat) and I say, "Honey? Keep or throw out?" And he's so frazzled, he just says, "You make the call!" And OUT it goes!!! :)

Our big surprises:
*NO CURTAIN rods at all...in any room in this entire apartment! so it was a bright morning! ;-) I wouldn't have noticed except Keaton was screaming because he was soaked :(
*Once again - the handicap shower...annoying...
*Because of the handicap unit, less cabinet space...we have ONE drawer. Let me say that again - ONE DRAWER!!!! And it's all of about 3 inches wide (on a good day!!) ((OBVIOUSLY, we knew about this before signing any lease/handing over any money, but the amazement hasn't warn off yet!))

And for the funny story:
I woke up around 330am to go to the bathroom and then I could not shut my brain off to go back to sleep. I had about 8 lists going through my mind. Then I realize I can hear a faint snoring noise coming from the other apt. (we share a bedroom wall w/ the next apt. over) It was just enough to distract me from sleep a little bit longer...However after about 30 minutes (close to 5am at this point) I figured out that I could follow this persons' snoring/breathing pattern and get myself back to sleep...it worked :)

When I have more time, I will chronicle our first adventure to UNC...oh my. What a place!!!

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