Night 1 of breathing treatments

Didn't go so bad!

GETTING the medicine was the hardest part. Thankfully I have an amazing husband who has the patience of a saint! (I wasn't there to hear what/if he was grumbling!)

After Keaton's afternoon pedi. appt., Zach dropped off his prescription at Walgreen's. He went back at 615pm to pick it up. That's when they informed him they did not have the albuterol! So he went to Kerr Drug down the road from our apt., they didn't have it. He went to Kroger - THEY didn't have it! The pharmacist there called WalMart for Zach and they did indeed have it! He went to get it filled and arrived back home at 815pm!

At 845pm, Keaton needed his first "at-home" treatment. It went relatively well. He really only screamed when Zach left the room.

Benjamin was in bed by 930ish and woke around 1230am to nurse. Zach went ahead and did Keaton's next treatment. This one went much better!

We decided that we wouldn't "set an alarm" for the night treatments, but if Keaton was coughing or Benjamin was awake at that time, we'd go ahead with the next treatment. Benjamin woke up at 4 to nurse but, we were back asleep before it was time for the next treatment and Keaton was sleeping soundly. Zach got up and did his 3rd treatment at 630 and then we got started with our day.

I have a feeling the day time treatments won't go as smoothly as the night time ones did! I am not looking forward to this!

I also have a feeling the nebulizer is our new friend as the *box* that Zach brought home had about a bajillion doses in it!

I also forgot to mention that on Monday, Keaton busted his lip real nice! I had taped together some pieces of paper on the floor for Keaton to color on while I nursed Benjamin. I also turned on PBS (I let him watch while I nurse Benjamin. He doesn't really pay attention unless their are animals on, but it keeps him in the living room so I can keep my eye on him!) I was watching Keaton to make sure he ONLY colored on the paper. He'd color for a couple of minutes, walk over to the chair, watch PBS for a minute, go back and color, back to the chair...back and forth... Well, he was at the chair and then went to color. Then he came running over with blood dripping from his mouth! I don't know when he did it but he never cried about it! Crazy kid.

Well, it's about time for the next treatment...here goes....

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The Jenkins said...

You can do it Terra!!! It won't be that hard...:-D Let me know how it goes and how the boys are feeling. I'm praying for them to get better.