"It's Just Another Manic Monday...."

I emailed my mom about some of the "happenings" from the day yesterday (particularly the 10:50am happening.) She said I should keep a journal and I could look back and laugh one day...Looking back on yesterday, I can laugh...only because I know it'll get me through today! :)

**All times are estimated....but probably accurate....

5:45am - Benjamin wakes up to nurse

5:46am - Keaton, hearing Benjamin's screams, wakes up too

6am - I'm settled in bed nursing B, waiting for Zach to get K

6:38am - K is finally fed up with waiting and screaming bloody murder. Zach gets up and gets him.

6:40am - B finishes nursing and I rush around getting K's clothes/diaper ready, getting myself ready, getting the living room "Keaton-proofed"

6:45am - Zach leaves for work - K says "Bye" until Zach has probably reached work!

7:45am - B wakes up again to eat but would rather look around (at his crazy brother!) than nurse. I try to explain to a 3.5 week old that we have to leave for the chiro and it's going to be another hour or so til he can eat. He doesn't seem to grasp this logic and pushes me away. I change his diaper and get him in the car seat. I change K's diaper, get his shoes on and we trek towards the momanator van (the whole way, praying it starts!)

8:10am - Van has started, we're on our way to the chiro.

8:12am - We're sitting on Capt. Blvd. in "rush hour" traffic not going anywhere. B doesn't like the van not moving and starts screaming (probably because he's hungry!) K doesn't like B screaming and is pointing at him screaming, "NO NO NO!"

8:40am - 20 minutes til chiro appt. We're about 2 miles away, however, hitting every light. B is getting more and more upset...K is still pointing and screaming.

8:50am - Finally, at the chiro.

*The past two visits have involved a MAJOR meltdown upon leaving because K wants to play at the train table*

8:55am - Both boys are unloaded from the van, we go in the office, I inform the receptionist I will call to make the next appt. to see if that will help with the meltdown...Oh and B is still screaming.

9:00am - we go to the exam room, I take B out of the car seat...poo everywhere.

9:04am - Dr. Davis comes in and jokes that I'm freshening him up for her...then she sees the mess and just gives me a hug...I tear up...dang hormones...

9:05am - Dr. Davis starts adjusting K and he just laughs (thank goodness!)

9:09am - Dr. Davis starts working on B...who has decided to start screaming again.

9:15am - She has been snuggling with B (she got him calmed) but he started to scream again and she decided she was done snuggling :) We chat for a moment about potential colic and her leaving town for the rest of the week (I asked if I could come too...)

9:20am - K has cleaned up the toys in the room (without me asking! yay!) and I've given him my keys - he is showing them to every person in the waiting room...B is still screaming (remember how I TRIED to tell him he'd be hungry!!!)

9:28am - Both boys are loaded back in the van and we're on our way home!! No meltdown over the trains!

*Keaton has had a nasty reoccurring cough for a couple of weeks, it finally got the best of me yesterday....

10am - We're back home and B is finally eating, K is playing with his Thomas the Train book and is content

1040am - B is done nursing, I start on K's nuggets and fries for lunch

1045am - B, realizing I had to leave him for a moment starts screaming...K, not liking the screaming wants me to hold him (plus I'm "cooking" and he loves to be 'in the know' in the kitchen...) B finds his fingers and quiets down, so I carry K around - since I missed out on that for about 5 months!!

1050am - K wants to be in his high chair, even though lunch isn't ready. I strip him down to his diaper...5 minutes later, I look over and he has somehow removed his diaper...????

1130am - K is done with lunch and VERY ready for a nap. I put him down, B is asleep. I clean up from K's lunch and straighten the kitchen

12noon - I turn on the news, make my lunch, check email...breathe! I call the pedi to see if I can get him in on TUESDAY to check his cough. The receptionist says they probably want to see him today...today at 320pm, to be exact...great

1pm - K wakes up screaming...B wakes up wanting to eat at the same time...I go get K, he has a poopy, I change him and bring him to the living room, he starts screaming and runs to his room, opens his door, gos to his crib and starts pointing...I put him back in, he rolls over and goes to sleep! OK! :)

1:05pm - B's eating - all is quiet :)

1:30pm - K decides napping isn't cool anymore and starts jabbering/whining

1:45pm - B finishes his 'lunch' and is in his swing looking around. I go get K and we read & play

2:40pm - I "top off" B in hopes of making it through the appt. without a fuss from him!

3:05pm - I change diapers and get shoes on K and off to the van we go again

3:19pm - We walk into the dr's. office and sign in. K gets to play with the sickly train table...

3:42pm - We're finally called back

3:52pm - Dr. Wilson finally comes in, takes 3 minutes to look him over, we talk about a couple different things - from a simple cold to asthma to bronchitis (on this scale - she thinks it's between a cold and asthma...great)

4:05pm - I've made Keaton's (gasp!) 18 month appt. and we're on our way to the van. I call Zach to tell him I'm dropping off the 2 scripts she gave us ...and after waiting through that ordeal - I find enough change in my car to buy sweet teas for Zach and myself at McDonald's! :)

430pm - I get home, Zach helps me unload the boys and get them inside. B is ready for a "real meal", Zach has a phone call to make regarding our insurance and then he starts on tacos for dinner

5:05pm - we sit down to eat, when I'm done, I get K's pj's ready and throw in a load of laundry

5:37pm - Zach starts K's bath, B is starting on his evening fussiness and wanting mommy close by

5:55pm - Zach & K start cleaning up the disaster area (aka: living room)

6:00pm - Living room is clean, Zach reads K his bedtime story and puts him to bed

6:25pm - I hand off B to Zach, head to Lowe's food to grab a couple of things and then to Walgreen's to pick up the prescriptions

***SIDE STORY TIME - I had to go do WIC stuff and mommy brain moment, I used expired vouchers. The lady couldn't figure out why they wouldn't go through. Finally she said, "Oh these have expired! They expired on the 16th..." I just looked at her...she said, "...Of August..." I said, "OK..." she said, "It's September!" haha...I felt like a dummy!

Then, at Walgreen's...well, that just took forever. They have the drive thru service...but I think it's more of a hindrance than anything else...however, I continue to use it! She asked me for our address to verify the 'order' and so I gave it to her. She looked at me through the window and said, "How about an old address?" What is this?! A test?! So I had to rack my brain to remember our old address. And then she said, "Just to verify again...When is Zachary's birthday?" (OK, we have TWO Zachary's in this house...The script was for Keaton...but our insurance is under Zach's name...) so I told her ZACH'S birthday. She once again looked through the window and said, "The OTHER Zach..." Sheesh!! I had to rack my brains to remember my own child's birthday! finally I passed the test and they allowed me to pay an arm & a leg for two, teeny, tiny bottles of medication...

7:35pm - I arrive home. Zach's on the couch w/ a bottle in B's mouth (I learned via text message that he was screaming non-stop) and that was the last resort until I could get back home. I put away groceries and complain about the drive thru at Walgreen's...

7:45pm - I call my mom and then call our "helper" for Tuesdays to confirm the time and head back to bed

8:15pm - B is fed up with the bottle and only wants mommy (so nice to be wanted!) I nurse him while we watch AFV

9pm - I have Zach put him in his crib...I went to sleep

11:00pm - apparently, B woke up and Zach took him to the living room so I could get some rest...that's what I gathered from being awake for less than 45 seconds...

...what a Monday! ;-)

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