17 Months (and some change) and 1 Month!

When I took Keaton to the pedi on Monday, he weighed in at 23lbs. 15.8oz (can we not call it 24 lbs?!) They didn't do his length, but, he's a giant! He's going to take after Zach without a doubt!

Today we had Benjamin's 1 month appt! I can't believe he was born 4 weeks ago!!! It has just flown by!

His stats:
Weight: 9lbs. 12oz. (60%)
Length: 22.75 (80%)
Head Circumference: 37.7 (50%)

Nursing is going SO much better! I know it all had to do with those trips to the chiro! A year ago, I would have laughed in your face if you told me that I'd be seeing a chiro...and taking my children!!! But, as our doula said, she is an angel. She really is!!! I was really on the verge of quitting nursing Benjamin, but then, in a blink of an eye (or a pop of the jaw!) It got SO much better!!! It's like he's a completely different baby!

His thrush is still around so we had to get yet another prescription...

Ok, so I thought Benjamin was big. I just went back & looked at Keaton's one month stats - he was 11lbs & 23inches!!

We go back in a month for his 2 month & Keaton's 18 month!

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