Dinner with Uncle Mark, Aunt Meagan & Cousin Karis

Aunt Meagan, Uncle Mark & Cousin Karis (Zach's sister, her husband and their daughter, 6 weeks younger than Keaton) brought us yummy pizza for dinner tonight!

Keaton & Karis had a blast playing together. I didn't think Keaton was going to go to sleep but he conked right out :) (Benjamin on the other hand...is well into his evening cluster feedings, I'm getting a break thanks to Enfamil, haha!) :)

Here are some picture of the two....

Keaton: "Let me show you my room..."
Keaton: "This is part of my train set...it's really cool."
Keaton: "Here's how you play with it..."
Karis: "I want to play with this part...."
Keaton: "Well, I want to play with that part..."

Keaton: "I said!!! I want to play with that part!"
Uncle Mark has his hands full!!!
Wait...we have our hands full!
And since Benjamin decided to scream or sleep the whole time, here's a picture of him happy AFTER family left! ;-) ((post spit-up, pre-poo)) haha!

For the record: Keaton & Karis played GREAT together! I only heard one "no" from Keaton...And I think it was just a "no, you're in my way" kind of thing ;-)

Thanks again for dinner! :)
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Tracey said...

Oh, those kids are adorable!