Another Drive Thru Walgreen's Rant...

Seriously. WHY do I continue to use this "service"??? ((Zach can vouch for me, he was there...I'm NOT just hormonal and crazy!))

So we had a "family date night" tonight. Our first outing "alone" with both boys. We went to O'Charley's for dinner (anyone who knows me, knows I HATE O'Charleys...well, that was before I discovered their Three Cheese Bacon Burger...yum YUM! I'm addicted now!) So we went there for dinner and then to Walgreen's to pick up Benjamin's new prescription for thrush. After waiting almost 10 minutes for the car ahead of us to get their medication, I pull up and inform them I need to pick up a prescription.

(A man's voice) "The name?"

"Last name, Jones. First name, Benjamin..."

"One moment please..."

"What was the name again?"

"Benjamin Jones..."

"OK, thanks..."

(A woman's voice) "Can I help you?"

"He's looking for our prescription..."

"What's the name?"

"Benjamin Jones..."

"Can you spell the last name?..."

"It's Jones...J-O-N-E-S..."

"Your address?"

...I tell her...& from here on out it's NOT an episode from The Twilight Zone. Seriously...You want me to spell Jones???!!!

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Anonymous said...

I work at Walgreens. The drive through speakers on the store side suck. They couldn't hear you. That is not their fault. But rather than giving them the benefit of the doubt that there is a logical explanation, you choose the interpretation that demeans the human beings on the other side of the glass. Congratulations, you are a horrible person. But then, I'm not giving you the benefit of the doubt, am I?