Long days & quick weeks!

I can't believe Benjamin will be 3 weeks old tomorrow! These 3 weeks have just FLOWN by! ...the days are long though!

Keaton is definitely starting into the terrible twos. His favorite word, since he learned it, has been "no"...but he is using it in full force now - even throwing, what I so lovingly refer to as "No! Tantrums" at the chiro Tuesday and today. There's a train table that he loves to play with - before now, I didn't trust him to just stand there and play (ie: he'd take off down the hall and I'd never see him again!) but he proved to me a couple times that he could stand there and play. However, he can't leave this table with out a melt down. He's thrown himself on the floor kicking and screaming "NO" the past two times....ugh - WHY in public?!? It's been a rough couple of outings.

Today, the chiro got B's jaw really good! She had me nurse him while she adjusted him (I was SO afraid he was going to bite me hard!) But since then he's been nursing SO much better!!! Hopefully that will solve our issues for good concerning that!

His thrush is clearing up - I will be SO glad when this is over with!

Not too much else is new...we're just keeping an eye on Hannah to see which way she's headed.

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