We'll start with Keaton and the good news. No more breathing treatments!!!! Hooray! Today was his last day of the "last option" anti-biotic. He is sounding better, but definitely not 100% Dr. Wilson felt very comfortable taking him off the nebulizer.

However, Benjamin does indeed have reflux. Sunday at church, he started in on his gagging and I was standing, talking with a mom and she mentioned how her daughter had reflux 'as well'...as well??? That was enough for me! I talked with Dr. Wilson about it this morning and she agreed. She was ready to prescribe something and I told her I wanted to talk with our chiro first and she was all for it! (Yay!)

So, I made an appt. to see Dr. Davis this afternoon. She let me cry a river of tears (I love her!) and felt his spine and said, "This isn't going to sound good, but I promise, it's going to help...." I had nursed Benjamin before we left and he immediately started screaming and continued to scream all the way to the chiro. She popped his little back...and he stopped screaming, sighed, laid his head down (he was on his belly) and went right to sleep! He even slept through her adjusting his neck, which he ALWAYS screams for!!

She also suggested getting some probiotics, specifically Baby's Jarro-Dophilus. I called a local pharmacy and they had it in stock. Zach picked it up on his way to praise band.

Before I had him do that, I quickly researched it and -wow (as Keaton would say!)- this stuff sounds amazing! I wish we had known about it with Keaton when he was having his screaming fits. But it also sounds like it may help with the thrush as well!! If we can actually get rid of this stuff, it'll be amazing!

We'll go back to see Dr. Davis on Friday and see how he's doing between the adjustment and the probiotic.

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