Update from the 410pm appt.

Well, first off, Keaton did GREAT with his breathing treatments today! Our goal was to get the mask/"steam" NEAR his face, I managed at the 230pm treatment to actually get the mask on his face and leave it there! It took me being silly and stupid, but it worked! :)

We saw Dr. Dirk today and he agreed he is sounding better, but he is hesitant to stop the breathing treatments altogether. So, we're going to start gradually spacing them out and go back on Monday morning.

I stopped by to see Michelle, the Lactation Consultant, because I thought Benjamin may have reflux (as if we needed one more thing on our plates!) She was super excited to see us and was eager to listen to my concerns even though I just "dropped in." She listened to his symptoms and agreed it very well could be reflux and gave me some tips and said, "...and avoid all medication for the time being..." I said, "OK, but he's still on the diflucan for his thrush..." She said, "OH! He's still on that! Well, that's what it is! He's making bread!" (What a hysterical way to put it, but so true...) So she said as soon as we're off this medication, his symptoms should disappear, if not, we'll re-evaluate.

I had already started to research treatments and found that chiropractics can help (surprise!) So, if the symptoms continue once we're done with the diflucan then Dr. Davis will be hearing from me! :)

Whew, these boys are giving me the run around!

Oh and thank you to all the mommies who emailed me/talked with me about "tips" and "tricks" for surviving with the nebulizer! I appreciate it greatly!

I'm too drained for any other stories...Except that we have a GREAT BIG treat coming on Saturday!!!! Stay tuned for pictures!! (which probably won't be up until Sunday sometime...)

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