28 Week OB Appt. Yesterday

It went great! I had an ultrasound scheduled (at our "anatomy scan" we found out that I had a low-lying placenta and Dr. Segal wanted to make sure that it had moved where it needed to (up and back, I think!) We also wanted to check on Benjamin's size and position.

There was great news all around!

First thing we checked on was the position of my placenta - it is where ever it needs to be! :) Great news!

Next, we checked out Benjamin's position - he is very much head down! (He has been transverse (ie: sideways) for a couple of weeks now, after bing breech) Dr. Segal made a comment about him feeling like he was going to fall out (like HE would know!! haha!)

Benjamin is measuring right on track for 28 weeks (and 5 days) - another good thing!

I am NOT due end of July (thank goodness!) We're still on track for a mid-August delivery!

So that's the latest on baby Benjamin!

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Phronsie said...

Woo! I had a low lying placenta with Xavi too but it moved up. Like my dr said, usually it's just because of size, glad that was your case! :)