And we're back home

What a whirlwind weekend!

After church on Sunday, Keaton took a nice long nap to gear up for laps. Laps through the living room, down the short hall, through the kitchen, through the dining room and back through the living room. Zach and I managed to miss this adventure as we were at Wal*Mart getting goodies for grilling out. Keaton wore his grandparents out!!!

We filled up his baby pool, stripped him nekked and let him play. He didn't like it too much at first (I think it reminded him of a bath) but, it didn't take long before he was in and out of the baby pool and streaking through their front yard (quite a hilarious sight to see!) :)

We grilled out for dinner and Keaton went down with out a fight (yay! - one point for parents & grandparents!)

Today, he just ran some more, indoors and out and wore himself out! He took a nice long nap in the car on the way home, and while he was awake, he told his sippy cup all about his dreams (or something...we're not quite sure WHAT he was talking about!) :)

We got home, had some dinner and he is now, sleeping soundly away in his OWN crib! Finally :)

Our big accomplishment for the weekend: For the first time, we used cloth diapers while traveling!!!! (We did disposables at night, like we always do, but we made it all weekend!) We were very proud of ourselves (ok, maybe just I am! haha!) :)

We think Keaton may be doing some more teething. I'm glad he's getting it out of the way, but seriously, I feel so bad for him. He'll be asleep in the car seat and I'll look back to check on him and he's got this look of anguish on his face...and there isn't a thing I can do about it!

I apologize for no pictures. Our camera is dying (which is a sad, sad day in the Jones' house!) so, we may be pictureless for a bit :(

Off to finish laundry and unpacking. There's a busy week ahead (of course!)

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