Iron, Trouble, "Yes" & our Little Piano Man!

IRON: Well, we had Keaton's appointment this morning (where I somehow convinced one of the nurses to switch to cloth with her daughter! haha!) Keaton's iron levels were great so we don't have to give his iron supplements anymore (not that I was really faithful about it...) I did discuss with the pedi. how hard it was to work that into a schedule when it has to be more than an hour before and two hours after he eats, blah blah blah. She said the main concern was dairy with the supplements and to just give him a small amount of OJ every morning. And that would help keep his iron up.

I had the nurse weigh him and he's 20lbs. 7.4oz. Once again, she (not knowing ALL our trouble) could not figure out what the excitement was all about! But the pedi was happy as was I!

TROUBLE: I believe Keaton is giving up his morning nap...which KILLS me. I am dragging so bad today! He laid down but fussed and fussed and fussed...and fought it the entire time. He is running around like a madman right now! So maybe (yeh right) he'll take a longer/better afternoon nap...I'm SO not ready for one nap a day!

YES!: For a couple of weeks now, Keaton has been saying what we've agreed is "yes" (although it sounds like "yesh" haha) I said to him, "Keaton, are you getting mommy flowers for Mother's Day?" He looked me square in the eye, shook his head and said, "YESH!" ...we'll see on Sunday ;-)

LITTLE PIANO MAN: We're still waiting on those other teeth (I don't really want to see them, but if it'll keep Keaton from biting me, I'll take em!) One of the receptionists (that calls Keaton, "Sparky" haha) looked at him and said, "WOAH! Those gums!! They are swollen with teeth! Sparky's going to wake up looking like a piano one day!" HAHAHAA! That was awesome :)

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