#4 officially, another chiro appt and random things :)

...since my life is mostly made up of random things :)

Tooth #4 officially broke through (sometime between him going to bed last night and getting back from the Chiro today) And he's officially unsymmetrical and it's driving me bonkers! He's got his front, top, right tooth, NORMALLY as if Keaton ever does anything "normally" (!) the top, front, left tooth would come in next...no, not my crazy little guy! His mouth decided to let out the tooth to the right of the one in...I just want to push them to the center!

I had another chiro appt. today that went well. I'm sore after this one, but that's to be expected (supposedly!) Good news and interesting news...I'm taking both with a couple grains of salt. My chiro knows what she's doing, however, she's not an OB ;-) I asked her if she thought Benjamin was still breech and she felt around and said (feeling my lower belly), "That feels like a head..." (then moving up) "And that feels like a heiny weiny!" HAHA! So in other words - she thinks he has flipped (which is a HUGE praise!) She had a tape measure like the OBs use and she did an unprofessional measuring and looked and me and said, "You're not 29 weeks are you?" I'm supposedly 26 and a couple of days...so, I'm still measuring big. May 28th cannot get here soon enough! I want to go back and see what is going on (and just how huge Benjamin supposedly is!)

Random news:
*We have "hired" a doula (I use the term lightly as she's not really charging us - only for child care for her boys should they need someone to watch them) Long story how we met, but our first labors were very similar and both ended up in an emergency c-section. She went on to have a successful VBAC and has been a huge encouragement so far!

*My plants are still (somehow) alive! They've made it through some ferocious storms and very, very hot days!

*My "surprise" is still in NV according to FedEx tracking. I have a hard time believing that it's just sitting there. It SHOULD be here by Wednesday (if the tracking info is right!) I can't wait for it!!! I'm going to be dancing down the street to a beat in my head... Any ideas?! ;-)

I think that's it for now! No new pictures.

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