Crazy start to a busy (but fun!) weekend!

Well, we'd been waiting since Christmas (atleast) for Zach to have a day off from work so we could come home to VA and see family and a few close friends. Finally, that time arrived! Our plan was to head out after Zach got off work on Friday afternoon, go to/spend the night at my mom's house and then Sat. evening head down to his parents house for the rest of the weekend.

So, I managed to get us all packed (clothes-wise) with Keaton running around like a mad man. However, my plan was to finish that packing during his afternoon nap on Friday. I had a chiro appt and when got home, ate lunch, and as sleepy as he was, he wouldn't give in. Right about the time I had decided I was giving in and he WAS taking a nap, I got a text from Zach and it said something along the lines of, "How about I leave work at 1 and we hit the road early?" I just laughed thinking that would be a great idea, however, he wasn't *supposed* to get off until 330pm. Back and forth texting ensued and before I knew it, he was on his way home and I was running around like the mad man, Keaton was totally content watching Noggin and laughing at me. I managed to get us all packed by the time Zach got home and we headed out!

We got to my mom's around 530pm and let Keaton get out his energy while chasing around the cats. Every time the friendly cat, Tigger, would come near him, he'd squat in front of her, point at her and scream, "KITTY CAT!" it was fabulous!!! Kramer hid most of the time we there!

Saturday we went to see Great-Grandma Connie and she was just amazed at him & his busyness (as am I...every single day!)

We then went to Macado's in Roanoke (something I'd been craving since I found out I was pregnant!) and met a sweet friend, Margaret, there. It was so fun to catch up with her and Keaton was definitely enjoying even more attention from someone (my little ham!) He even had his first pickles! He loved them!!!! He just went to town chomping on those things!

After that we headed back to my moms to get Keaton down for a nap...then it was mommy time! Before I got married, my mom would often pay for me to get massages by the lady who gets her accounting firm through tax season :) Since we moved, I've not had that luxury...but mommy treated me to a full hour and it was SO nice. Zach even got a break because Keaton napped for 90 minutes (why doesn't he ever do that for me?! haha!) So that was wonderful!

After that, we packed up and headed down to Collinsville where Keaton had a living room of toys waiting for him. He played hard and crashed hard (after fighting sleep hard! There's just SO much to do!!!)

This morning - Church and then playing in the baby pool all afternoon (and mommy is getting some sun!) :-D

I'm sure over the next two days there will be many more adventures from our crazy son :)

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