Still without a place to move to....

Everything keeps falling through and it's beyond frustrating! Zach had a great chat with the housing director and we basically got an "extension" (of about 2.5 more weeks to find something) so please be praying that the right house at the right price in the right (safe!) place will show up at the right time.

We had a fairly busy week, on top of Keaton teething (nothing new) and me fighting some serious allergies along with all our doctor's visits!

Today we helped Chris & Christina move into their adorable new duplex (OK, Zach helped. I had a multitude of contractions while chasing Keaton!) ;-)

Zach just left to go see Iron Man with a friend from his class. Keaton is asleep. It's storming. Life is great! :)

I finally decided how I want to do Benjamin's room (when he has a room! haha) Some wonderful family members (Thank you Lezlie & Keno!!!!) are giving us a crib their daughter used. It happens to be a white crib. I'm going to find some blue sheets and pair that with brown & blue items throughout the room. If I have my way (haha!) ;-) we'll be able to paint before he's born and I'd like to do the top portion of the walls white (so when we put up pictures they'll pop!) and then have a blue/white/brown border and then do blue & brown (VERY WIDE) stripes on the bottom portion...so we'll see! ;-)

I'm going to sit and enjoy the storm now in the silence :)

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