Chiropractic Adventures

Well, let me start off by saying that I totally regret not going to the chiropractor while pregnant with Keaton. Had I known it would make me feel so much better, I totally would have, but I just had no idea.

Let me also add that, maybe it's just my chiro's office, but they're...a different breed :)

At my first appointment, it was very professional, very informative, very "Doctor" like.

Dr. Davis said she wanted to see me twice a week for a couple of weeks - totally fine, whatever will work the best!

So I went Monday. I get there and tell the receptionist that I have an 11:15 with Dr. Davis. She kind looks and me and then chuckles and says, "That's right, this is only your second appointment, right?" (Atleast she remembered me!) I nodded and she went on to tell me 'how things work'...

I walk in, pick up this paper, write my name and the date on it and hand it to her and tell her my appointment time. She then gets my "chart" (which is reallly a spreadsheet with my previous appointments marked on it) and she hands that to me and tells me a room number. On my way there, I stop at a hall closet, grab a gown, put my "chart" and the paper with my name and date on it in the little box on the wall. I close the door put the gown on and wait (meanwhile, there's a basket full of toys and Keaton wants to play with everything BUT that!) Dr. Davis comes in (without knocking! haha) says hello! (this is her first meeting of Keaton) and she (of course) tells me how adorable he is and plays with him for a few minutes. She feels my back, asks me to lay down, gives me the good old popping, feels it again and says "I'll see you Wednesday..." And that was my appointment. SO glad that I'm driving 30 minutes for this!!! haha!!!

But it is SO worth it! However, I think I overdid it at a park yesterday with Keaton. I felt SO great...I was able to run after him and pick him up and be a MOM!! Shortly after we got home, I started to feel the pain again. Since I will have to wait atleast 5 days between tomorrow and the next appointment, I will be taking it MUCH easier tomorrow afternoon!

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