#6 & random things

That's right!!! He's symmtrical (in my mind!) ;-) And I think we actually (hopefully) may be done with teeth for a bit. I sure hope so. This screaming and non-sleeping...it's getting rough! I can't see anymore trying to make their appearance, so we shall see!

We're going to be looking at a house (hopefully) tomorrow because we have to make a decision to housing (should we stay or should go now?!) by June 1st. Neither of us want to spend another minute in this apartment, however, we don't want to jump at the first opportunity. This house is a rental, but it is SUPER cute and near a dear friend of mine with a sweet little boy! :) So we would have lots of fun living just a few houses away from them!!! :)

Keaton's Aunt Meg & Uncle Mark got him a "laptop" for his birthday since he loves ours so much! ;-) It plays some songs and teaches 1,2,3 and A,B,C. However, the best part is EVERY time you open it, some lady (that's key, I think!) says, "Hey! Let's Play!" (or something...you'd REALLY think I would know by now!) But everytime (up until today, that is) Keaton opened it, he'd get this amazed, "She's talking to ME!" look on his face. Today - that changed.
Laptop Lady: "Hey! Let's Play!"
Keaton: "Wow!" followed by hysterical laughter - yes, he cracks himself up! :) ((Which of course, cracks me up!))

I finally figured out how to type out the sound he's been making for about a week or so now - "adupadupadupadupadupa" He'll SCREAM it and then you'll catch him whispering ever so softly. However, this also changed today. The word is now, "ameanameanameanameana" crazy kid :) Zach keeps referring to him as Star Wars characters, so I'm sure that's only encourgaing him ;-)

Let's see...nothing else new that I know of today! It was a long, busy day (thanks to no nap Jones!) and stupid me scheduled my chiro. appt for right in the middle of his nap tomorrow. I'm awesome! So it'll be another long day!

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erin blakley said...

I'll be praying for your house decision! I just ran across your recipes link and I'm excited to try some out! Thanks :)