Nuggets, iPod and Fingerpaint!

...and it's only 3pm!

Saturday, I made broccoli nuggets (gag) for Keaton. I hadn't had a chance to give them to him yet, so we tried them out at lunch (we meaning - I cooked, he ate!) ;-) He loved them!!! I think he ate 6 huge ones (because I over-estimated how big they'd really be! haha)

While we were eating, my surprise came...my iPod!!!!!!! Yay!!!!! (Thanks, Eric, Susan and my mom!!!!...oh and Zach too ;-) for coordinating the whole thing & buying it for me!!) He's been trying to talk me into wanting an mp3 player of sorts for years but I never found a reason for one, especially now that I have a child - when do I get to plug my ears?!? (I know when I would LIKE to sometimes!!) On the way to the beach, he was telling me that we could get an adapter and I could use it in my car, as opposed to lugging around and looking through 3 cases/roughly 250-300 CDs. That had me sold! When he told me I was getting this for Mother's Day/our anniversary, I thought I was getting a a regular mp3 player - I had NO idea he was getting me an iPod! When he told me he was, I was ever so excited :) So that is here now. I'm loading my CDs on it ...which is going to take awhile! :)

Finally. Today, we played with fingerpaints for the first time! It's something I'd been meaning to pull out for awhile, but kept forgetting. Keaton absolutely LOVED it!! I didn't enjoy cleaning him up - just as I'd get one side cleaned, he'd get paint all over himself again! It took awhile :) And there's still a spot on the back of his head, where his scalp is green! Hopefully with a bit of baby shampoo, that will come out! ;-)

There she is in all her glory! :) Yeh, it's a she, haha!

Pretty fun....

Come on! You knew it was only a matter of time before he tried to eat it!

Yay for messes!!!! :-D Once again - I love being a mama to a boy!!!

Just a sweet close-up of his hard work :)

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