10 days and counting...

Well, starting at midnight! I can't believe it! This pregnancy has definitely flown by! With Keaton, I was only working very part-time, I could sit around and agonize over every movement, feeling, twitch and wonder what was going on...This time around, I've been so busy with Keaton and the move, I only know I'm pregnant because of the aches and pains...and random jabs to my ribs! It's been nice not "agonizing" over everything, but I so love being pregnant that I feel like I missed the past 9 months!

Our doula, Faye, came over last night. It was Zach's first time meeting her and things went great! I "found/met" her through the ICAN network/yahoo group, we had a playdate and found out that our first births were very similar (ie: long, long, long labors ending up in c-sections for reasons they didn't have to...ultimately) She went on to have a VBAC at home with her 2nd who is now about 18 months. She's super sweet & spunky, and the fact that she has had a VBAC and the training to be a doula really encourages me - hence why we picked her :) But she was very encouraging about having a natural birth (which, as each day it gets closer, I get more and more nervous about it!) She made note of my "birth preferences" and we just had an all-around great time of talking and goofing off :)

So the story of the day. I got Keaton all set up for his snack and ran to the bathroom. When I came back, he was sitting there with his hands over his mouth with his "uh-oh/amazed" look on his face. I asked what he did and he did his innocent giggle and the look again. After about a minute, I finally figured out what he was up to...(see below)

I couldn't help but laugh at that sweet, innocent face! He is just too much some days! :)

I'm too tired to think of anymore stories from the day and I really just want to go lay down (yes, at 7pm!...but Zach just left for praise band, so I can do that if I want to! haha!) :)

No appointments until the end of the week - Chiro on Thursday (if I can wait that long!) and Midwife on Friday afternoon at 4pm...with Zach driving ;-)

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The Jenkins said...

I love reading your blog, Keaton and you crack me up most everyday! I can't wait to meet baby Jones #2!!!