39 Week Appointment

Well, Zach got the chance to try to get to UNC again! We succeeded! After Wednesday, we really weren't sure we'd have the opportunity today!

I had a great appointment with one of the midwives, Jane (last appointment I had with her, I called her a gruff grandma, but today she was fabulous!). My only question for her was "how far overdue can I go?" Dr. Segal was going to give me a week and then do a c-section again. Before I could even ask, Jane started in on how I was allowed to go two weeks over and then we'd schedule an induction! I was really surprised that 1- they'd allow me to go 2 weeks and 2- they'd induce (but thankful because the risk of rupture doesn't increase much at all - I'm still more likely to have a surgical instrument left in me after a c-section than rupture! ...pretty good odds if you ask me! haha!)

Benjamin is VERY head down, I'm measuring right on (or "getting towards the end of the tape" as Jane said) and heartbeat was wonderful!

So, now we just wait and see if I make it to next weeks appt! She didn't offer to "check" today and I didn't ask! :) ((Sticking to my guns here!))

Right now, I'm getting ready to watch the opening ceremonies!!! I'm so excited for the Olympics!

We'll see what the weekend holds.... :)

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