Just some updates

*Benjamin's nursing is going SO much better!!! He never screams when I try to get him into position, he latches great and for the most part stays on until he's done...We haven't been back to the chiro yet - I'm going to try to get us in beginning of next week. But I think another trip or two and his jaw should be all aligned and he'll be as awesome of a nurser as his big bro.

*Benjamin's thrush is clearing up! We still have to continue the treatment for about 2 more weeks, but if we can get this behind us we'll be golden!!! (And thankfully, I still don't have it!)

*The van started Monday night. Zach jumped it and took it to praise band practice no problems. I haven't tried to drive it since, but hopefully it was a fluke thing!

We've got T.S. Fay remnants here today. It's pitch black outside, rainy, windy...and just a good snuggle day - too bad Keaton doesn't understand that! ;-) In a year or so, we can spend days like this snuggled on the couch watching movies...wait...I don't think Keaton will ever sit still that long!

Today is my last day with my mom here! She heads back this afternoon and tomorrow I'm all alone with two crazy kids under two! Hopefully, it'll be a calm day with no surprises!

On Friday, I take Benjamin in for his two week check up! I'm anxious to see how much he weighs now... Last Wednesday, he was 7lbs. 13oz. and Monday he was 7lbs. 15oz. - the nurse, pedi and Lactation Consultant were all happy with that, so I guess I am too! :)

Well, since the guys are both down, I should be resting too!

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The Monier Family said...

Enjoy Fay- we couldn't get rid of her fast enough here in FL!
So glad to hear that your sugar lump is doing better with the nursing. I pray that it continue to go well and that the thrush clears up quickly!
You are doing a GREAT job!! Hang in there!!

Z, T, K, B Jones said...

Thank you for the encouragement...I need it! :)