A Ticking Time Bomb

I decided that's what I feel like. I don't know that I really felt this way with Keaton, but right now, I feel that way. "13 days" seems so much more "real" this go round!

This morning, getting ready for church, I resigned myself to the fact that I am going to live in my comfy gauchos for the next "13 days" (quoted because it could be more...or less...eek). (For those who are unaware what gauchos are...they are the silliest looking pants, but I swear, I have never been more comfortable! They're super stretchy and just amazing!)

I had asked some dear friends from church to borrow some maternity clothes. My main concern was shirts (now I'm down to the one pair of pants and I don't care!) I got a lot of dressy/cute shirts, but, I don't have any pants to wear them with! However, one friend (Carrie P!) lent me a ...ugh...Florida Gators shirt. I don't like Florida and at first I said, "Nah, I'll pass..." but then, I felt the shirt. Wow. It was the softest shirt I'd ever felt! I then said, "OK, but I'm not wearing it in public!" ...48 hours later, I found myself in Babies R Us in said shirt! (The shirt, by the way, has the Gators emblem and reads, "Future Champion"...please...haha!!) I had comment after comment of "Go Gators!" "Alright Gators!" Seriously people...we're in Tarheel country!!!!!!!! Well, I have sense found myself wearing this shirt everywhere because it's the only thing that covers my belly! (EXCEPT to my appointments at UNC...no way will I wear it there!!) I feel like a complete traitor wearing this shirt...I'd turn it inside out, but then it's just Duke blue and that's not appropriate either!

We went to Applebee's for lunch today, yes, another craving! :) And Zach got a chocolate mousse thing for dessert. It was covered in whipped cream, so we were letting Keaton eat some of that part. Then Zach had a brilliant idea, "Give him a bite of the chocolate..." Preggy brain over here said, "OK!" and gave Keaton a bite. He hadn't even swallowed it and he was "mmmm'ing" up a storm!! We reaped the wrath of chocolate-induced-Keaton for a couple of hours...then he crashed at bed time :)

Funny story time (maybe). We listed a bunch of items on craigslist this weekend to clean out the storage unit/some of our closet space here. Well, this was one item we listed:
And I listed it as a "Swordfish Snout" - totally not expecting to get any takers. It was one of the first items to get a response! I was really looking forward to meeting the person coming to pick up this item! Who searches on craigslist for such a thing! He gets here, takes one look at it and says, "You know what this is? It's not a swordfish...it's a sawfish..." Stupid preggy brain again!!! Duh!!!! Because it looks like a SAW not a SWORD...stupid! He drove 30 minutes to buy this thing...for $10!!! Whatever - we got rid of it! He was all excited to take it to his "beach house" to display it...I can imagine the story he'll tell when people ask where he found such a treasure...

I'm too tired to come up with anymore stories, so I'll just share my newest, most favorite picture of Keaton. We had to run by the storage unit to pick up a couple of things/measure some stuff/take pictures and he oh-so-patiently waited for us...

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Kristen said...

So I gotta ask...how did YOU end up with a saw fish "nose"?