38 weeks!!!

Well, the two trips to the chiro yesterday and well over 3 hours with my tush in the air did some good! I had an appointment with my midwife today (I call her mine, there's 5 or 6 there, but I happen to see this one every time! haha! She great! She loves Keaton! That's all I care about!) :) I immediately asked about his position and we checked (Benjamin must love Deb too, because he is ALWAYS head down in PERFECT position for her!) And she once again was amazed that he moves around so much! He did flip sides (last visit, his spine was on the Left, this time it was on the Right, but that's apparently unimportant!) She encouraged me to spend as much time as possible in the "hands and knees" position to keep him where he is.

I declined the fabulous "check" to see if I have dilated or effaced because, I learned with Keaton, it means nothing. (My OB did the check and informed me, at 36 weeks, that I was 1.5cm and 50% effaced and told us we'd most likely be having a baby that weekend! ...4.5 weeks later, Keaton was born. I decided after that I would refuse all "checks"...stupid dr.!) I have been having a lot of contractions, mostly "fake" "practice" ones (you KNOW a man came up with the idea of Braxton-Hicks being "practice ones"...he never had one!) However, about 1-3 real ones a day. Deb was SO excited to hear this and was all giddy and reminding me that my body knew what to do!

Other than my 15 minute appointment, it was a fairly uneventful trip to UNC (thank goodness!) I did forget if I parked on 4C or 4D, but I had sent Zach a text message telling him, so I'd have a reminder! haha! :) My BP was good, I've only gained 9lbs! (Not to mention the 15lbs I didn't lose after Keaton was born haha! Deb was SUPER proud of this...I'm too tired to care!) And, I go back next Friday afternoon and Zach will actually be able to go with me due to a slight change in his work schedule! He gets a free pass and an extra trip/try to get to UNC! ...assuming Benjamin doesn't get any crazy ideas between now and then!

Well, it's officially August! 16 days til I'm due...8 days til the Olympics (Can I just say, I'm excited to watch the Olympics while I'm laboring! haha!! It'll give me something to focus on...for some reason, The Weather Channel and Little House on the Prairie didn't do it for me with Keaton! haha!)

And I must brag on my sweet boy! He was AWESOME, once again! at my appointment! He just sat in his stroller, ate his O's (Cheerios) and drank his water...and pointed out the lights to Deb about 900 times - and each time she was just as amazed that it was a light as he was! haha! The highlight (because, you know, there has to be one!) She pulled out the Doppler to listen to Benjamin's heartbeat. Keaton's jaw dropped. He looked at me and said, "WOW WOW WOW!" I couldn't stop laughing!!!

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