Some confessions...

Ok, I really wanted to share this story but, decided that before I could, I needed an embarrassing Zach story to make it fair (fair for me!) ...fortunately, he granted that for me this morning! Last night, we're both sound asleep and (I'm not sure if Benjamin was crying for real or not) but in my dream, Keaton AND Benjamin were screaming at me that they wanted to nurse...I rolled over and said to Zach (I REALLY said this, this was NOT part of my dream) "I can't nurse them both..." He said (while laughing) "You don't have to..." I was hoping he'd forget that I said that by morning....but of course, he hadn't! But it was SO vivid that they were both demanding to eat...it was scary!

Zach's story...He cried during the movie Deep Impact today! (Insert belly laughs here!) I will say that it was during the part where the astronauts were saying good-bye to their families...but still...he cried during Deep Impact. Looks like I'm not the only hormonal one around here!! ;-) ((love you, honey!!!))

We were blessed with a yummy meal tonight! One of Zach's co-workers brought over chicken enchiladas and salsa. We decided to let Keaton try the meal as well (though I was a bit worried about the spices - mainly the jalapeños) Well, of course, in the midst of this yellow/bland colored meal, there's the bright green jalapeños...Keaton is going to town digging them out and eating them. Zach gets out the chips for the salsa and Keaton is begging for the salsa, so we let him dip a couple of chips. After about 5 minutes, he's holding his face screaming (I have tears I'm laughing so hard thinking about it) This child has never drank milk so fast in his entire life. He continued to dip the chips in his salsa and dig out the jalapeños ... he drank 2 huge sippy cups of milk at dinner!! But kept saying, "mmmm-mmmmm" throughout the meal!! Too funny!

Well, Little B man...Sugar Lump...My second dose of sweet pea is waking to eat...must tend to the needs! :)

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