First outing...#12....

Well, we survived our first outing today! Technically, I'd already gone out with both of them, but my mom was there to wrangle Keaton ;-) We had Benjamin's two week check up today and it went great! Lil peanut weighed in at 8lbs. 6oz!!!! Yay!!! Surpassed birth weight! And that was about 90 minutes after a feeding and moments after a HUGE blow out! I was super excited :) So, since last night was a calm night, I'm thinking that he was, indeed, going through a growth spurt earlier this week :)

Keaton did great until the nurse had me hold Benjamin while she measured his head (ding dong left the door to the exam room open!) and next thing I know, I see Keaton running into another exam room! One of our favorite pedis was just laughing saying it happens all the time and that it would indeed get easier! (yeh, if ding dong would close the door!)

Unfortunately, the thrush has traveled through B's system and has turned into...diaper rash! I feel SO bad for this little guy!!! But, the pedi assured me it would disappear in about 2 weeks (great)...so no cloth diapers until that's cleared up (b/c I don't feel like messing with liners and washing them separately, blah blah blah)

We go back on the 12th for his one month appt (in only 2 weeks!) Time is just flying by!

#12...yes - I was holding Keaton upside down today (not as bad as it sounds!) and I noticed his top, left, "fang tooth" is coming in! As bad as I feel for him, I really need the left side to catch up...this will drive me bonkers!

Well, both guys are down for a nap after the big adventure out...I'm going to rest a bit myself! :)

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